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16 July 2015 10:06:00 By Sam Taylor

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If we lived in the early 1970s, I couldn’t have gone around trying 100 sports and fitness classes, for several reasons but the most pertinent reason is that the sports bra didn’t come out until 1975.  Being a more generously mammaried mammal, without a sports bra, I would only be able to dabble in a spot of croquet, throw a few bowls and maybe chuck a few arrows in darts.  It would certainly preclude the 97 other sports and fitness classes in my challenge; trampolining representing the most dangerous of them all.

I only realised how important a sports bra was when I attended my first school sports day with the kids and I entered the mothers' race.  The race was taped and needless to say, that was the first and last time I went along without a sports bra!

I need not be miserable about my mammaries though, as I have a friend called Sugar and she owns Mish (Mish Online), which sells bras online and through her shop.  (Sugar is really called Mish but the hockey family called her Sugar, as she is relentlessly entrepreneurial and thus the nickname of Sugar, from Sir Alan Sugar fame, stuck – I will call her Mish from now on though).  Mish stocks some wonderful bras and literally has saved my life for a number of years now by ensuring I do not cram my boobs into bras which don’t fit. 

I love a buffet

As a sports bra advocate and buffet fan, Mish invited me along to her first ever blogger event, with some actual, proper bloggers.  I felt a bit of a charlatan in their presence but I consoled myself with the transsexual gingerbread biscuits , which were being served up.  

Smashing stereotypes with a gingerbread lady

The whole event was in association with Panache, the lovely underwear people.  In the absence of a big money sponsorship by Adidas or Nike, I consider myself to be sponsored by Panache, as Mish convinced them that I was a worthy recipient of a sports bra.  I have paid this sponsorship back tenfold, as I tell everybody about my bra.  Like a good friend, you feel comfortable with them, it is supportive and it doesn’t let you embarrass yourself in public.

Panache showed off their latest range as we all sat back and gave admiring cooing noises.  The knowledge about supporting your boobs in sporting endeavours is widely accepted but it was only in my aqua aerobics challenge, did Mish let me know that this support was also available for swimwear.  This literally changed my world, as I was able to bounce about in the swimming pool, without worrying about any slips!

When I think my world is complete and I know everything there is to know about sporting underwear, out comes the new sports bra range, complete with matching pants.  I literally fell of my chair, as I realised that this was the missing part of the jigsaw – proper sports pants, as good as the sports bra.  You don’t even want to know what I have been rocking for the past year, as I have gone through my challenge….

Sports bra and matching sports pants - my world has turned slightly on it's axis!

Today had been a good day; I maintained my figure by chomping through a buffet and an array of cakes, I found the missing part of my sporting wardrobe and I got to meet the lovely lady from Panache and the other fantastic bloggers.

Here I am titting about!

They have written some wonderful and far more insightful blogs about the pretty bits of the Panache collection and why it is important to get the right sized bra, so I recommend that you give them a read.  

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Meanwhile, while you are reading those, I am going back to Panache to see if my self-appointed, sponsored, athlete status, will stretch to a pair of pants! 

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