My Top 3 Fitness Classes Which I Tried As Part Of My 100 Sports Challenge

09 July 2015 11:32:00 By Sam Taylor

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So, this is my last review of my 100 sports and fitness class challenge and I end on fitness classes.  When I first started the challenge, I thought I would just be adding aerobics and step on to my list of possible fitness classes but it turns out that we don’t live in the 1990s anymore and this century has thrown up a plethora of different fitness classes to try.  In all, I tried: Aqua Aerobics, Body combat, Bootcamp, Buggyfit, Bums, Tums and Thighs, Cardio Tennis, Circuit Training, Cross Fit, Insanity, Nordic Walking, Online Exercise, Personal Training, Pilates, Piloxing, Pole Fitness, Poolbiking, Powerhooping, Spinning, TRX, TyreFit, Yoga, Kettlercise and KickBoxing Aerobics.  I had a go at all of those classes and there are still dozens which I didn’t get around to!

How do I go about choosing my three favourites out of this lot?  Well, taking out yoga and Nordic walking (which were two of my favourites) but aren’t really classed as a fitness classes as such, I have to look at the pros and cons of my experience to find my perfect fitness class.  If I was to make up a lonely hearts advert for my long term class, it would say:

“Fuller figured, 30 something, mother of 3, with questionable pelvic floor muscle strength, past commitment issues and a loathing of floor to ceiling mirrors, seeks local class with GSOH, challenging but fun and calorie busting.  Burpees and plankers need not apply.”


Not a fan of planking!

The one class which fulfilled the criteria was Kettlercise.  At no point did I think that this would be my knight in shining armour class, given that I have always laughed off having bingo wings and no upper body strength but although I found the class challenging, I finished it feeling that not only had I had a proper workout but that I really enjoyed it.  We just clicked together.  I had to kiss a lot of frogs but in the end, I found the class which got me hot and sweaty!

Mike, my Kettlercise Instructor, with a Daddy Bear Kettlebell and me with my Baby Bear one!

My second favourite class was Cardio Tennis.  I really like the idea of a sport making a fitness class version, on the basis that I really enjoyed a various number of sports but I wouldn't want to play them competitively on a weekend. I just want to enjoy an hour a week playing and getting fit at the same time.  I am a big fan of tennis, so this was right up my street, not that it particularly mattered, as it wasn’t about getting the ball back over the net, it was about running to get the ball.

Ready to run at Cardio Tennis

There are a number of other fitness classes which I enjoyed but in terms of having a GSOH, I would say that my 3rd favourite would be Powerhooping.  It took a little while to master the old hoop but I know that in two to three classes, I would be twisting with the best of them.  The class was very different and because it was so unexpected, it is one that sticks out in my mind.   

They say that Powerhooping is "Fitness with a Twist"

When I finished the challenge, I decided to give myself the month off to recouperate and take stock.  Once the month had finished and my local off-license had seen a massive upsurge in business, I decided that my next course of action was to write these blogs about my favourite experiences in each category.  As I type this, I am still thinking of what to do next before I actually commit to a new regieme and I find myself back where I was before I started; finding it difficult to get off the sofa!

Admitedly, I have started walking the kids to school twice a week, which is a four mile round trip but they break up for holidays soon and then what?  I tell myself that I am so busy, which I am but I know that I have to find the time to exercise.  26% of women in the UK are classed as inactive and I know that I have to fight my desk bound lifestyle to ensure that I don't end up as one of those statistics.  So even knowing what I know; that working out makes me smile, that those endorphine things are really cool, that people are friendly and non-judgemental and that I have found my perfect activities, I still have to change my mindset, ditch my excuses and actually get on with making a long-term commitment, not to the fitness regieme but to me and to my health.


To try kettlercise with Mike, you can visit his website.  To find out more about Kettlercise, you can visit their website.

If you would like to give this class a go with Steve, you can check out the Bodmin Dragon Tennis club website or visit the LTA website to find out more about cardio tennis.

To try powerhooping with FunFitDianne, you can find her classes on her website. To find out more about Powerhooping, you can visit their website.

If you are a fitness instructor, you can list your classes for free on

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