My 10 Day Diet and Exercise Kickstart!

11 December 2015 17:22:28 By Sam Taylor

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I have been stuck in a weight rut for ages now.  I wrestle with my choices; on one shoulder I have the svelte, clear skinned angel telling me to drink more water and eat more fruit and on the other shoulder, I have the tubby, potbellied devil telling me to shove down another Oreo and wash it down with a glass of wine!  Being weak willed as I am, I always listen to the devil because quite frankly, it is more fun.  However with choices, comes consequences and the consequences for me is that I am the biggest I have been since pregnancy and that doesn’t feel good.

The relationship I have with my scales

At some point, I knew that I had to stop making excuses and take some action but I also knew that without any help, history would repeat itself and I would lose a couple of pounds and then the weekend would come around and I would be one step forward and two steps back.  I spoke to Dianne, my friend who runs Funfit Fitness and she agreed to take me on and help me try and break my habits and work towards a healthier lifestyle.  Fortunately for me, she was already preparing a 10 day cleanse programme and I eagerly volunteered to be a guinea pig!

First things first and Dianne had to understand a little bit more about how I was feeling and how my body was operating, so I completed a thorough questionnaire and from that, she devised a tailored plan for me, which included taking regular Nature’s Sunshine vitamins to “reboot my body back to my natural settings”.  Dianne went through all the vitamins and when to take them.  In terms of diet, there was no calorie counting but I had to cut out the CRAP (Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol and Processed foods).  Basically, if I couldn’t pick it, dig it or kill it, it was off limits!

The night before I started, I kissed all of my family on the foreheads before bed and muttered “whatever happens to Mummy in the next 10 days, she is still Mummy”.  Who knows how I would operate without carbs?!  Day one arrived and I was thoroughly enthused.  I had my scrambled egg, smoked salmon and spinach breakfast, popped my vitamins, did some work and then did my online workout, which Dianne specially selected for me.  I had a lovely salad for lunch, where my love affair with coconut oil started.  Dinner was delicious and there was no carbs in sight.  Dianne checked in with me all day, to make sure I was OK but all was fine.

I had a long night’s sleep (I went to bed at 9pm, as there was nothing to eat).  I had a lovely dream about crisps and woke up and did it all again.  The second night, I dreamt of potatoes but still I was being very good and doing exactly as I was told.  Day three, again – I leapt out of bed ready for the day and the new culinary delights I was going to make and try but by Day 4, it changed.  I felt miserable on Day 4.  There didn’t seem to be any reason for it and in the past, I would have broken on this very day.  I turned to my Guardian Angel for support.  Dianne literally coaxed me out of my grump and reminded me why I was doing it.  She told me that the mirage of the vol-au-vant in front of me was my mind playing with my head.  I stopped thinking of pastry goods and went to bed (at 8pm).

The next potential hiccup was the weekend.  Friday night involved a couple of hours with some girlfriends but on Saturday was a party at a friend’s house.  I steeled myself for temptation on Friday night but my friends were so lovely, they had bought in no sugar ginger beer and drank it as well.  On Saturday night, I designated myself as driver to ensure that there wasn’t a chance of slipping.  I wasn’t sure my personality worked in these situations, without being doused in Prosecco but I got through it and when it was time to go, I scraped up my inebriated friends into the car, mentally clocking up the brownie points.

So my first week went past and I was getting used to not having a potato, bread, pasta or rice with any of my dishes.  For the start of the second week, I think I got a bit cocky and hadn’t really planned my meals or subsequently shopped for the correct ingredients, so I made life hard for myself and I really could have just delved into the freezer at that point but I gritted my teeth and went back to Dianne for bolstering!

Working Out at Home

The exercises were going well and I was managing to plan 25 minutes into my day.  The exercises were easy to follow and if I couldn't manage a move, I simplified it. 

So to the end of the 10 days and the final weigh in (Dianne says that I shouldn’t be defined by the scales but I want to see numbers – smaller numbers…).  I stood in trepidation in front of the scales.  I had previously been to the toilet and had also blown my nose.  I eyed the metallic nemeses and stepped forward on to its cold and unwelcoming exterior.  I shut my eyes, breathed and looked down.  I had lost 8lbs!!!  8lbs in 10 days!  I was over the moon.  I went straight onto the Facebook group to share my news with Dianne, who seemed just as excited as me.

The 10 days weren’t as hard as I thought they might be and although I know that this is the start of the journey, I know that I couldn’t have done this without help and support and accountability to somebody else.  I plan to take this forward and I will try and make those 25 mins every day to exercise and I will certainly be making different choices with my diet.  I am not saying that I am not going to eat a potato again but it will be less frequently.  I have learnt that eating clean still fills you up and tastes delicious but planning is absolutely essential. 

Thank you so much Dianne for helping me through my 10 days and really giving me the kick start to take this on further and achieve my goals.

If you would like to take the 10 Day Kickstart and Cleanse Programme with Dianne, you can email her - or get in touch through her website.

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