Book Launch: Sofa Dodger; One Woman's Quest to Try 100 Sports in a Year

11 May 2016 13:16:04 By Sam Taylor

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So, I have gone and written a book and you can actually find it on  Amazon .  In my family, this news has been received in the whole spectrum of reactions; from my son’s nonchalant nods of awareness, to my mother’s unbounded joy, pride and glee.  I hear her on the phone to anybody who will listen, telling her long suffering friends about how I have written a book and that they must get on to Amazon and order a copy.

She has ordered a small lorry load to disperse at an upcoming family event, where she aims to hijack Aunty Benny’s 80th birthday celebrations, with a small book signing event by the bar!  I am sure I would be similarly proud of my children, should they decide to embark on writing a book but I do remind her that anybody can self-publish a book but such sentiments are wafted away.

I am pleased with the book.  I can’t honestly say that it is any good but then I have had read and reread it so much, that my impartiality resigned long ago.  The book chronicles my adventures on my 100 sports challenge.  I also went back to the coaches and instructors who helped me with the challenge, to get a contribution from them about how and why they fell in love, with their sport or activity.  I found these guys to be so inspiring that I really wanted to have their stories told.

There are stories from instructors who completely changed their weight, lifestyle and careers to inspire others into the same journey and coaches who have dedicated their spare time into running clubs, starting clubs and fostering a “family feel” within their clubs.  The volunteers who help run clubs up and down the country are woefully under celebrated in sport and in society in general I feel and I hope in some small way, I have helped shine a small light on their tireless efforts.

As for the book, I now start the hard part, which is actually to promote it and tell people about it.  Although I am not looking to sell thousands or even hundreds of book (apart from my Mum), I do think that I have a message to convey and that is that there is so many things to try, you should try and find something you enjoy doing.  Also, that people shouldn’t worry about what they look like or whether they will be judged.  I was guilty of feeling that at the start and by the end, I realised that nobody cared!

Promoting the book is to come in the future but I remember very vividly in the past, when the seed was first planted about writing a book.  It was over 8 years ago when I took my daughter to the “Fairy Festival” which happened up the road from us every year.  It was a weekend of quality bonding time with my eldest, who had had to put up with the continual births of siblings in the previous couple of years, so this was our chance to get away for two days.

A folk band played on the stage, as one of the adult fairies danced and blew bubbles, for the children in her wake to eagerly pop.  I watched my little 6 year old dance joyfully around, as I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin as I drank a lager from a plastic cup.  After only one drink in the sun, I felt it go to my head, so I scooped up Lauren and we meandered around the stalls in the marquee.  Lauren looked at trinkets, whilst I was drawn into talking to a lady, with a full on African headdress and outfit.  She smiled at me and I realised that she was a fortune teller.  I have never had my fortune told, nor had I ever been inclined to do so but something made me sit down. 

She started with some very generic observations on my personality and then became more specific.  One comment really made me sit up out of my tipsy haze and take note.  How she would have known, what she had said is beyond me.  She continued and then asked me about my book.  I told her that I didn’t write but typed a lot.  She waved off my denials and told me that “You will write a book one day”.

I left the tent thinking that would never happen and that she had certainly got that one wrong.  So whether I have self-fulfilled a prophecy, or it was my destiny, I have written a book and you can judge it yourself by bagging a copy on Amazon !

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