About Us

HerMojo is a joint initiative between two of the leading UK activity finders ( SofaDodger and ACTIVEMapX ). Our focus is identifying #FemaleFriendly locations where women can get ACTIVE together. HerMojo is the largest UK activity finder and the only one in the world focusing on getting more women, more ACTIVE.

Find your Get up & Go!

HerMojo is where you - Find your Get up & Go! Thousands of clubs / classes across the UK where women will be welcomed with #FemaleFriendly opportunities to play sport,  get fit, meet new friends and get going with old ones.  We don’t approve or accredit any of the providers and leave it to you to judge which classes/clubs will suit you best. Most of the locations are #FemaleFriendly and understand how many women like to engage in sport and/or just get ACTIVE - together.

Short on time – but want to make new friends?

Our providers know you’re short on time and that you don’t want to throw weights down on the ground or achieve your PB every week. Most give you time to Find your Get up & Go! and space to join in without being judged – most offer some down-time at the end. They’re not all lycra-lovers either - just really keen to coax you (not coach) you into getting more ACTIVE and being ‘stronger’.

Get ACTIVE with friends

HerMojo  – supports the Women’s Sports Network’s ACTIV8aFriend campaign  – www.WSNet.co.uk/ACTIV8 - so whether you run classes of attend classes you can help them get more women more ACTIVE by inviting a friend along to your next session.  You might even offer a discount / BOGOF to those bringing friends.

Class/Club schedules

You can find all sorts of clubs/classes on HerMojo and check the class schedules to make sure you can fit them in to your schedules. You can have your own MyHerMojo so you can be alerted on new, appropriate classes starting in your community – when and where you want them.

Working together

HerMojo   is a joint initiative between SofaDodger and ACTIVEMapX . Both were started by parents who wanted to provide more support for their daughters – and other girls and women – who were missing out on the benefits and confidence that community sport and fitness activity can bring to women of all ages.

We merged our ideas communities, enthusiasm, technology and determination to get more women, more active, early in 2017 and are now clearly the broadest and most comprehensive UK-based activity finder – in fact there isn’t another site in the whole world dedicated to getting more women more active!!!  So we plan to get there too!

The result today is HerMoJo – a mix of confidence, empowerment, sistership and community awareness.


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